Town Halls

(NOTE: The photos may need a few moments to appear. Thank you for your patience).

I have been interested in politics throughout my life. I have been involved as a citizen activist on and off. This week, I am attending three Town Halls hosted by Florida State Senator Bobby Powell. On Tuesday January 3, he and State Representative Matt Willhite co-hosted in Royal Palm Beach. The photo of Senator Powell and me is from Tuesday. On Wednesday January 4, he and State Representative Al Jacquet co-hosted. The audience for each meeting included other elected officials and citizens. 

There was plenty of time for questions and answers. I made a comment on Tuesday and asked a question on Wednesday. All of these gentlemen are service oriented, approachable, and easy to talk with. The photo of Senator Powell (holding the microphone) and Representative Jacquet is from Wednesday. Tonight I am attending the Town Hall in Jupiter. The Vice Mayor will co-host. Please attend if you can. Please stay involved with your elected officials.

Rejoice Always and Soar High!

Ruth Field Beck 


Happy New Year Everyone

Happy New Year Everyone! I mean Everyone, whether I agree with you or not, and whether I like you or not. I agree with the slogans we are Stronger Together as we strive for Greatness. 2017 is merely a measure of time, and we still live with the situations carried over from 2016. Yet every new year, day, moment gives the opportunity to be happy. Our worldview can give us a reason to be joyful, hopeful, and dedicated. Be as happy as you can, and be filled with joy. Go for it!

Rejoice Always! Soar High!

Ruth Field Beck 

In Honor of GOES-R: Weather Related Songs 

Better late than never! I wrote this with weather satellite GOES-R in mind. I started writing this far in advance and forgot to publish it. Oops! I enjoyed this and hope you enjoy it too. These songs are listed in random order.

HURRICANE–by Natalie Grant











Rejoice Always. Soar High.

Ruth Field Beck 

Dining in the Dark

Imagine if your world were too dark to read this. Imagine lights out…permanently! Thankfully, my world was pitch black for about an hour last night–long enough to contemplate the experience and short enough to be sorry when the lights were turned on. I heard someone say it’s heartbreaking some won’t see the light because those persons are blind. I agree. The purpose of Dining in the Dark is to raise awareness of what a blind or visually impaired person may experience. The event is a fundraiser to provide services to alleviate the isolation. Seventies songs added to the camaraderie coffee house style. Last night also fostered community. I enjoyed it completely and hope to participate again. 

Rejoice Always and Soar High,

Ruth Field Beck

Why I’m Going to Heroes and Legends

Do you remember meeting any of your heroes? I’ve enjoyed the exhilarating experience of meeting a few. I remember wanting to wrap my hand after a handshake to keep it clean forever and saying I would never wash it again. Of course I did, but the joy and sensation remain. Same with words exchanged, a hug, and even being at the same place at the same time. Even when the experience is with someone else’s hero, which is how I would describe a legend, it’s exciting. This weekend I’ll be at Kennedy Space Center hearing and seeing legendary astronauts and interacting with a space photo journalist whom I consider a friend and hero. I’m hoping you’ll join me if you can, or stay tuned for details.

Rejoice Always and Soar High,

Ruth Field Beck

Heroes and Legends

  1. NASA will open an exhibit at the Kennedy Space Center’s Visitor Center with a two day celebration of cosmic celebrity astronauts. Heroes and Legends replaces the Astronaut Hall of Fame. The exhibit and special events are included with the price of admission to the Visitor Center. The Kennedy Space Center website is promoting two live shows scheduled for Saturday, November 12. The first is a presentation by female astronauts. The second includes male astronauts. Astronauts from a variety of programs will be at the Visitor Center during the weekend, including Jim Lovell of Apollo 13, Dave Scott and Al Worden of Apollo 15, and Charlie Duke of Apollo 16.

Rejoice Always and Soar High,

Ruth Field Beck

#10toYen Week 5

Please excuse the typos. Some of my letter keys are sticking.

Saturday October 29–campaign, Adele, campaign, church fall festival, Shirley

Sunday October 30–hurch, Linda, campaign, Shirley

Monday October 31—fice Depot

Tuesday November 1–prayer group, Peggy, Tim, Abbey, Shirley, campaign, library and Tanya

Wednesday November 2–bank, post office, Shirley, Grief Share, Tim

Thursday November 3–oastmasters, Shirley

Friday November 4—astmasters, Shirley, church office

#10toYen Week 4

Saturday October 22–Business Conference, Shirley

Sunday October 23–church library, Shirley, church

Monday October 24–campaign, Shirley

Tuesday October 25–campaign, Shirley

Wednesday October 26–campaign, Hillary rally, Walker, Shirley

Thursday October 27–campaign, funeral, Toastmasters, church office, campaign, Campaign Kickoff, church, Shirley

  • Friday October 28–campaign, Toastmasters, campaign,  Shirley

#10toYen Week 3

Saturday October 15: Green Cay, Lindburgers, Great Haircuts

Sunday October 16: church, Shirley, Dalia, pool with Adele, dinner with Adele and Claire

Monday October 17: vet, Shirley, REACH

Tuesday October 18: Shirley, church, Goodwill, breast cancer awareness event

Wednesday October 19: Office Depot, Moody S FL, Goodwill, Shirley, Dalia, City of Delray Toastmasters

Thursday October 20: Palm Beach Noon Toastmasters, Shirley, Walmart

Friday October 21: Bill Gove Toastmasters, petroleum at gas station, Shirley, Cinemark bar with conversation with bartender Andrew, Tyler Perry Madea movie BOO at theater

#10toYen Week 2

Today is the end of week 2 of #10toYen. It has been a full week. This is a summary of my activities. 

Saturday, October 8–Chatted with a next door neighbor lady and her daughter. 

Sunday, October 9–church, Adele

Monday, October 10–church women’s group, Avante, JFK

Tuesday, October 11–Pat, JFK, library

Wednesday, October 12–City of Delray Toastmasters, Avante

Thursday, October 13–Trump rally, Avante

Friday, October 14–shed delivery, neighbor Wayne, Toastmasters, Family Christian Store

Rejoice Always! Soar High!

Ruth Field Beck