Astronaut Jerry Carr

Today’s entry is a duplicate of my entry for today in my blog Ye Olde Space Space adventure and trips to Kennedy Space Center are an acquired taste for me. They are lifelong interests for my husband. I’m excited about today’s trip. So is he. Today is dedicated to his helium hand.

Astronaut Jerry Carr is the astronaut of the day today at Kennedy Space Center. He is speaking at the auditorium which is the location for the Astronaut Encounter program. The Astronaut Encounter program is presented at 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 pm. The program is included with admission to the Center. Jerry Carr is also speaking at Lunch With an Astronaut which starts at noon. The lunch buffet and speech are in the ballroom under the Heroes and Legends building. The fee for Lunch With an Astronaut is approximately $30. Flight Director Ed and I, Capcom Ruth, have been to Lunch With an Astronaut a few times with various astronauts including Astronaut Carr. We have been to Astronaut Encounter several times going back to when it happened outside instead of inside the auditorium. Jerry will end today’s schedule by signing items on the top floor of the gift shop from 4:00-4:45. That will be our last stop at the Space Center today too.


Overeager Freshman

This blog, Helium Hands, is focused on my enthusiasm for my own life and life around me from my inner circle to the widest circle of society and globally. Today’s entry is based on a news report of a freshman U.S. Representative reprimanded for being overeager. A female freshman U.S. Representative was sworn in on Thursday, January 3, 2019. Either on the same day or the next day, this Representative called for impeachment of President Trump. It has been speculated and expected that a Democrat majority House would call for an impeachment of President Trump. This Representative did as expected, yet was reprimanded by the Democrat Party leadership for being too soon. I am not for the impeachment of President Trump and see no basis for impeachment. I am aware some freshman in school and new employees and Congress want to be known for their actions, so they take action expected to be newsworthy. They should follow their leaders, and their leaders should clearly communicate expectations. Do your work, keep your word, commitments, and promises, and you will be noticed. Do not be overeager or too much of a maverick or you will be noticed and reprimanded.

Adoption Reunion Today

My best friend is meeting her birth daughter today, for their first reunion since the birth daughter became an adult. It’s been awhile. The birth daughter will be 50 years old in April. The birth daughter lives out of state and can only visit for one day. She plans to visit from 9 am until 7 pm. That’s a long visit. I get to be there the entire time. This is a day I have hoped for since April 28, 2017, when my best friend and I became friends. We haven’t stopped messaging since April 28, 2017. Today is almost as important to me as when my birth son found me on December 14, 2014 and we reunited in person in February 2015. I have been messaging with my best friend’s birth daughter since they found each other in August 2018. She is my friend too.

Rejoice Always! Soar High!

Ruth Field Beck

Town Halls

(NOTE: The photos may need a few moments to appear. Thank you for your patience).

I have been interested in politics throughout my life. I have been involved as a citizen activist on and off. This week, I am attending three Town Halls hosted by Florida State Senator Bobby Powell. On Tuesday January 3, he and State Representative Matt Willhite co-hosted in Royal Palm Beach. The photo of Senator Powell and me is from Tuesday. On Wednesday January 4, he and State Representative Al Jacquet co-hosted. The audience for each meeting included other elected officials and citizens. 

There was plenty of time for questions and answers. I made a comment on Tuesday and asked a question on Wednesday. All of these gentlemen are service oriented, approachable, and easy to talk with. The photo of Senator Powell (holding the microphone) and Representative Jacquet is from Wednesday. Tonight I am attending the Town Hall in Jupiter. The Vice Mayor will co-host. Please attend if you can. Please stay involved with your elected officials.

Rejoice Always and Soar High!

Ruth Field Beck 

Happy New Year Everyone

Happy New Year Everyone! I mean Everyone, whether I agree with you or not, and whether I like you or not. I agree with the slogans we are Stronger Together as we strive for Greatness. 2017 is merely a measure of time, and we still live with the situations carried over from 2016. Yet every new year, day, moment gives the opportunity to be happy. Our worldview can give us a reason to be joyful, hopeful, and dedicated. Be as happy as you can, and be filled with joy. Go for it!

Rejoice Always! Soar High!

Ruth Field Beck 

In Honor of GOES-R: Weather Related SongsĀ 

Better late than never! I wrote this with weather satellite GOES-R in mind. I started writing this far in advance and forgot to publish it. Oops! I enjoyed this and hope you enjoy it too. These songs are listed in random order.

HURRICANE–by Natalie Grant











Rejoice Always. Soar High.

Ruth Field Beck 

Dining in the Dark

Imagine if your world were too dark to read this. Imagine lights out…permanently! Thankfully, my world was pitch black for about an hour last night–long enough to contemplate the experience and short enough to be sorry when the lights were turned on. I heard someone say it’s heartbreaking some won’t see the light because those persons are blind. I agree. The purpose of Dining in the Dark is to raise awareness of what a blind or visually impaired person may experience. The event is a fundraiser to provide services to alleviate the isolation. Seventies songs added to the camaraderie coffee house style. Last night also fostered community. I enjoyed it completely and hope to participate again. 

Rejoice Always and Soar High,

Ruth Field Beck

Why I’m Going to Heroes and Legends

Do you remember meeting any of your heroes? I’ve enjoyed the exhilarating experience of meeting a few. I remember wanting to wrap my hand after a handshake to keep it clean forever and saying I would never wash it again. Of course I did, but the joy and sensation remain. Same with words exchanged, a hug, and even being at the same place at the same time. Even when the experience is with someone else’s hero, which is how I would describe a legend, it’s exciting. This weekend I’ll be at Kennedy Space Center hearing and seeing legendary astronauts and interacting with a space photo journalist whom I consider a friend and hero. I’m hoping you’ll join me if you can, or stay tuned for details.

Rejoice Always and Soar High,

Ruth Field Beck

Heroes and Legends

  1. NASA will open an exhibit at the Kennedy Space Center’s Visitor Center with a two day celebration of cosmic celebrity astronauts. Heroes and Legends replaces the Astronaut Hall of Fame. The exhibit and special events are included with the price of admission to the Visitor Center. The Kennedy Space Center website is promoting two live shows scheduled for Saturday, November 12. The first is a presentation by female astronauts. The second includes male astronauts. Astronauts from a variety of programs will be at the Visitor Center during the weekend, including Jim Lovell of Apollo 13, Dave Scott and Al Worden of Apollo 15, and Charlie Duke of Apollo 16.

Rejoice Always and Soar High,

Ruth Field Beck